Committees Information Chart

A complete list of Local 523 Committees, Roles and Responsibilities.

Health Safety Committee

The Occupational Heath & Safety Committee shall be comprised of the President or designate. and up to two OH&S representative(s) from each unit.


Good & Welfare Committee

The Good and Welfare Committee shall be comprised of the 3rd Vice President (Chair) and one member from each Unit.

The Good & Welfare Committee shall be dedicated to supporting all members of CUPE 523 by providing recognition of those special events and other circumstances in accordance with guidelines developed by the Committee.


Education Committee

The Local recognizes the value of Union education and shall provide appropriate educational opportunities to members in good standing.


Communication Committee

The Communications Committee shall be comprised of the 2nd Vice President (Chair), Recording Secretary and up to one member from each unit.


Entertainment Committee

The Entertainment Committee shall be comprised of the 3rd Vice President and three (3) other members, Sub-committees may be created on an ad-hoc basis to organize events.


Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee

The JEMC committee is a joint Union/Employer committee.  The committee evaluates jobs to ensure that they are correctly rates base on nine factors.  Pay rates are determined after the factors are rated.