Shop Stewards

What is a shop steward?

Shop stewards are union members who have received training to represent and defend the interests of other members in the workplace, sometimes through the grievance process. They enforce the provisions of our collective agreement in the workplace and ensure that TRU is in compliance with labour laws. Stewards also share official union news and information and promote union values in the workplace.

Whether you are a new steward or have been doing this work for many years, your role is to watch and listen to what is happening in your workplace. You will do this on behalf of all CUPE members. In fact, often when CUPE members think of their local union, they think of you and the work you do on our behalf.

The union needs you to represent our members and to protect the rights we have won in the collective agreement. Each clause in the collective agreement comes from negotiations with the employer, and every single clause is important.

If you are interested in becoming a Shop Steward, please contact your Unit Chair or our 1VP for more information.

 Steward Handbook

CUPE Grievance Form

Stew•ard (stoo’ erd, styoo’ erd) n. keeper, guardian, advocate, activist  v. to protect – bedrock of the union –

The Steward Learning Series is a series of three-hour modules to provide in-depth education for stewards as grievance handlers, advocates, problem solvers, communicators, leaders, workplace organizers, and human rights’ champions.