NOYFSS Unit Chair – Samantha Symons

My name is Samantha Symons. I am a Child and Family Counsellor at North Okanagan Youth and Family Services Society. I am the current Unit Chair for NOYFSS.

I have worked since 2011 in the Family Services program, the School Based Outreach program, and have recently added Quality Assurance to my role at NOYFSS.

I have been active in Local 523 as the Good and Welfare rep., an OH&S rep. and as a Shop Steward.  I have taken extensive training related to these roles and have served as Steward on matters such as Policy and Individual grievances, JLM work, and Local Issues Bargaining. I have also taken a Local Executive Training [LET] course.

I believe strongly in union solidarity, respectful and assertive relationships with employers, and the need to stand firmly against employer efforts to advance their managerial needs at the expense of working people, our members.  I believe that this is better achieved when our Local maintains a highly organized approach to grievance management. This means consistent adherence to processes and timelines, consistent outcomes across all Units and assurance of relevant learning and training opportunities for Shop Stewards and the Local.

Phone: 250-306-9722   

Email:  noyfss@cupe523.com      

Employer: North Okanagan Youth and Family Services  Vernon

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