Unit SD83


SD83 Unit Chair – Courtney Thomson


My name is Courtney Thomson, I have been a CEA since 2018 at SD83 in the North District on the unceded territories of the Okanagan/Sqilixw/Syilx and Splatsin People. My husband and I moved here from the coast with our two beautiful children. The adjustment has been exceptional. We cherish every day and are thankful for the life we have been given.

My journey into the Union was a blessing, I was voted to go to conventation and I feel like the rest was history. I have been involved in the Entertainment committee and a Shop Steward for SD83. I have recently started this position as Unit Chair, thank you for giving me the opportunity to advocate for you and with you.

Phone: 604-854-0423 

Email:  unit83@cupe523.com       

Employer: North Okanagan Shuswap (School District #83)


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YOU are invited to attend the
NOSTA Retirement Dance 2023!

SD83 Employees and friends and family of employees
are welcome to join at a cost of $15.00/ticket. 

CUPE Retiree’s get in FREE and so do their Partners!

If you would like to attend:

please sign up and purchase your tickets online here: 
NOSTA registration

Also please email Courtney Thomson, SD83 Unit Chair
to let her know that you are planning to attend.

How to BOOK Off work to attend the Retirement Seminar, Unit SD83 Members ONLY:
Once you have confirmation that you are going to the retirement seminar enter your absence as follows:
Please Enter the days separately.
The absence reason is:
1. UNION CUPE – May 17
2. Union Business PD BY Dist – May 18




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CUPE Members Ratified Agreement 2022-2025 year

Hello All;

I am so happy to relay that our CA has been ratified and has passed with an overwhelming 87% YES vote.

The physical contract will take several months to print and be distributed to those who want a copy. Sooner than that the new contract will be available online, but we do not have a date for that yet. We will be receiving retro pay for our Provincial wage increase July 1 2022.

Changes or additions to the contract: (I will not list the housekeeping ones, such as moving of a clause from one place to another in the CA, or changing she/he too they, etc.)

  •   A land acknowledgement will be added to the CA
  • Temporary employees will attain their seniority after 65 working days, as opposed to the old threshold of 109 days (about 3 and a half months).
  •  National Day of Truth and Reconciliation has been added to the list of holidays (paid for, but not worked.)
  • Indigenous employees are entitled to up to two (2) days leave with pay per school year to observe or participate in traditional Indigenous activities that connect these employees to their culture and language.
  •  All REGULAR non clerical employees shall be reimbursed up to $200 dollars for district approved clothing and footwear upon submission of receipt. This is a yearly benefit. Employees may purchase their clothing from ANY SOURCE. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AT THE DISCRETION OF THE EMPLOYER AND IS ONLY FOR CLOTHES THAT MAY BE SPECIALY REQUIRED FOR A JOB. FOR EXAMPLE, CERTAIN SHOES FOR CUSTODIANS. STEEL TOED BOOTS FOR MAINTENANCE. BATHING SUITS FOR EA’S. THIS IS NOT JUST GENERAL CLOTHING ALLOWANCE. IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT, ASK BEFORE YOU PURCHASE.
  •   Education Assistants assigned to work with students regularly will be consulted on the implementation and/or revision of the applicable Student Safet Plans.
  •  Vacations may be arranged in any months of the calendar year for 12-month employees.
  •  6 sick days to 8 sick days- after the employee will receive 66 2/3% of their regular pay for a period of not to exceed one hundred twenty days. (120) Start date: July 1, 2024.
  • Temporary employees not on the seniority list shall be paid each pay period six percent 6% of bi-weekly in lieu of vacation.
  • Two-day (2) Childbirth leave
  • A flat rate premium of $15 dollars will be provided to Casual school-based support staff to certain schools. January 1, 2023
  • The employer shall allow for dual coverage and coordination of benefits.
  • Wage premiums for Library Clerk, Meal’s Program Worker, QT Mechanic, and HVAC technician.
  • Service Improvement fund- Provide additional hours of work/ provide access to professional learning opportunities.

If there are questions about the CA (or anything else), please contact me.

In Solidarity

Courtney Thomson

83 Unit Chair, Unit83@cupe523.com, 604-854-0423 (Cell)

I Acknowledge that we live, work and gather on the unceded territories of the Okanagan/Sqilixw/Syilx  and Splatsin People:

SD83 Ratification letter- 2023


SD83 Members:
A tentative agreement has been reached
between the bargaining team  
(Employer and the Union team)

What does this mean?
– SD83 Members will be invited to a unit ratification meeting to vote on the tentative agreement. (details below).
– This meeting is for ALL School District 83 support staff.
– Just a heads up that the new contract cannot and will not be printed before the ratification. The ratification vote needs to pass before the new contract can be done. This process will be explained to all at the ratification meeting.

Meeting Details:

Saturday January 7th, 2023
in Salmon Arm at the DESC
Board office, 341 Shuswap St. S.

There is lots of parking.

Times for the meeting: 
(You only need to attend one of the following meeting times)

10:00am – 12:00 noon Time Slot One

1:00pm to 3:00pm Time Slot Two

6:00pm – 8:00pm Time Slot Three

Each of these meetings will be the same. Come listen to the changes, questions and answer period, and then vote on the changes. The vote will be done at the end of the presentation.

This is an in person meeting only and you need to be at the meeting to vote. This vote will be a secret ballot vote. The tentative agreement will not be shared electronically before the ratification day. You need to be at the in person meeting to see the tentative agreement and to vote. Results of the vote will be advertised after all the meetings are done.

Thank you to the SD83 Bargaining/Negotiations team for all your hard work. A reminder the team for SD83 are as follows: Unit Chair – Courtney Thomson, Shop Steward – Devon Brindley, Local 523 Secretary Treasurer – Kyle Clark, Local 523 President – Tammy Carter as well as the National Rep Logan Lamerton.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and please bring your colleagues and friends to vote on this tentative agreement.

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VIEW PDF: SD83 Notice of Meeting – Ratification and Elections 2022